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Wonderful idea for Christmas presents

Emily Ward has a huge range of framed printed tiles. Each tile is printed from an original painting. Some are had embellished to add depth and texture. All tiles are presented to a black or cream frame. All you have to do is choose your image and choose your frame. Below is a a small selection for more please go to or email
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Capture a moment in time.

Emily began her art business by painting pictures of her own children. Other mums from her children's school saw Emily's paintings and were so impressed they ordered their own. This was the birth of Emily Ward Art a thriving business that now sales art work all around the world.


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Emily Wards latest commisions

Emily Ward thought she would share her latest commissions with you all. The two paintings below are of two sisters and were ordered by mum. A special treat to herself from her self. Mum took full advantage of Emily's individual payment plans. For more information about Emily's affordable payment plans contact
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Portrait commisions

'Little' Emily was delighted with her portrait painted by 'big' Emily. Little Emily's mum treated herself to the portrait for her 40th birthday. Have a look at the gallery to see more portraits.
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Affordable portraits

Emily Ward has sold over 100 portraits to families all over the world.
Emily started her business through painting portraits. She began by messing about in her studio creating paintings of her own children. Friends and family saw the portraits and were over whelmed by the likeness and distinctive style. Other mums and friends began to order portraits of their loved ones and hence the beginning of Emily Ward Art. 
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Mothers Day

Mothers day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this wonderful occasion by purchasing an art piece from professional artist, Emily Ward. Emily has introduced a collection of beautiful framed ceramic tiles. Each tile is presented in either a black or white box frame. The tiles are unique and are based on original painting by Emily Ward and would make a perfect gift for Mothers Day.



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